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Wildlife Observation Camera

High resolution infra-red video

with audio

Having large secluded areas at our new retreat centre at Maitreya Pure Land, as well as a boundary of completely undisturbed river bank, allows for a wide variety of local wildlife to share the space. As a result, the Animal Care Project has the opportunity to observe and assess some of their needs in order to promote the habitats and food sources they need.

From January 2021 onwards, a 1080P infrared motion detecting camera (with audio) has been set up in various locations at night to give us insight into what wildlife are comfortable feeding and (hopefully) breeding on the property. Sites for the camera setup have been selected mainly because of obvious activity such as digging, tracks or worn paths on the property.

The video is HD 1080P quality so best to view on a larger screen with audio.

The animals are unable to detect the infrared of the camera during the night, but have been curious towards the camera because of scent or reflection of the sensors on the front. You can note the date, time and temperature on the bottom of the video for each edited clip. I did find that the shown temperature was around 3'C or 4'C higher than that quoted by local weather at the time.

The camera will continue to operate at night at secluded spots on the property throughout the year.

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