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Winter Bird Feeding Project

Supporting local song birds throughout Winter

Each Autumn we begin to raise funds to prepare seed stocks to feed the local songbird species throughout the colder months of the year. This approach has always been of huge benefit to the health of the local bird species, those that pass through this region during their migration south, and getting others familiar with a highly nutritious food source ready for the winter months.


Some local bird species need to consume up to 10,000 calories a day during a heavy winter!

From previous experience, we can predict that many local species prefer unsalted nuts, millet or sunflower seeds (with or without shells), while they leave low fat seeds (such as wheat and corn). Black sunflower seeds also have a much higher oil/fat content than black/white. Smaller birds also love to hang from and feed on fat/mixed seed balls.

We have 2 large feeding tables at Nalanda with hanging feeders, as well as 7 hanging feeders at Maitreya Pure Land.  

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