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The Bee Kind Project

Honey bees provide successful seeding of 90% of all flowering plants and fruiting of 30% of all fruit in Europe and Mediterranean regions.

Serving Honey Bees


In May 2023, we installed 2 honey bee colonies at a secluded spot in the extensive grounds of Maitreya Pure Land.


Our primary objective with this project is to provide a supported environment for promoting a genetic line of honey bees resistant to the modern challenges they have. And of course, a honey harvest is just a bonus.

Like all ideas, it can’t take physical form until someone puts the first spark to give it a little jump to life.


That spark was given by the most wonderful Queenie (so-apt) Linderman when she offering to kick-off the funding I’d need to get it off the ground. Then the project had to hold back a year while I found myself with my first Spring with a greenhouse and workable growing areas at Maitreya Pure Land. For my first summer on triple the workload, it was doable to do one, but not both on top of other projects to get the grounds recognizable or recoverable in our first year with the property.


Could only wake up in winter 2022 with planning and pricing with the objective of ordering 2 young colonies of the Buckfast variety of honey bees in January, and have everything ready for when we take custody of them in late April to mid-May 2023. Early reservations with local apiaries is so important, especially just after a winter when local beekeepers have lost colonies during the winter. I’d heard about a local beekeeper who had lost 2 colonies to unknown causes, and thought it may be the case for others in the area. I was glad a did because when we arrived for pickup there were 6 vehicles parked and picking up when we arrived.

I feel that we should not only maintain gentle, peaceful relations with our fellow human beings but also that is very important to extend the same kind of attitude toward the natural environment


His Holiness XIV Dalai Lama


The components of a common European hive and how they provide a supportive environment

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The history of the Buckfast variety of honey bees, and work of Brother Adam


The incredible cooperative work of bees to produce harvested by humans for 15,000 years


From an egg laid by a Queen bee to working for the benefit of the colony

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