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Serving Honey Bees

A project to be realized in 2023

We are now in the research stage of our project to develop honey bee colonies at a secluded spot in the extensive grounds of Maitreya Pure Land.


Our primary objective with this project is to develop and keep colonies of honey bees protected, healthy and expanding by providing everything they need. And of course, a honey harvest is just a bonus.


Honey bees provide successful seeding of 90% of all flowering plants and fruiting of 30% of all fruit in Europe and Mediterranean regions.


All projects that promote environmental issues are beneficial to our path and the world around us.

An essential part of the project will be to create and maintain wildflower areas


..................... more coming soon ......................

I feel that we should not only maintain gentle, peaceful relations with our fellow human beings but also that is very important to extend the same kind of attitude toward the natural environment


His Holiness XIV Dalai Lama

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